New Beginnings (again)

I’ve been rebooting my website at least once a year since I started it.

Originally built with WordPress, adapted to Jekyll, and then decomposed into different websites (a personal blog, and a blog about art), this particular domain was pretty much forgotten by me.

Even though it was meant to be a blog, I only used it as a landing page. The information in here eventually got outdated, and the whole project evolved into a chunk of text that I didn’t want to touch out of lazyness.

Today I decided I wanted to totally deprecate the old website, which was a heavily modified version of the Jekyll theme Minimal Mistakes . I think that the effort once put in the styling was one of the things that stopped me from dropping it out.

Now I’ll be using Hugo and the Journal theme. I’ve already done some changes so it allows me to put different sections in the index, abling me to distinguish between my writings and the talks I’m planning to give in the following months.

I’m going for a more minimalist look. Using lowercase for everything except the body of the articles. It’s a pattern I’ve found attractive in other websites, and I’m hoping it will fit well here.

As with all my projects, this will be open sourced. You’re completely free to do whatever you want with this.