Introduction to Generative Art @ Eventloop

I presented “Generative Art: Quick introduction to start producing algorithmic visual art” at Eventloop for their September 2019 meetup.

You can see the slides and the repository that contains them.


Generative Art has been increasingly interesting for me since March 2018. Although is a pretty recent interest in my life, and I don’t have enough experience to consider myself a reputable artist, I challenged myself to give a presentation about the topic.

So one week before the event I submitted the talk proposal, and after being accepted, I started preparing the presentation.

The original presentation I prepared took me around 60 minutes to present, but I had to make it fit a 20 minutes time frame, so I ended cutting a big chunk of content. However, due to a missing participant (there were 3 talks planned), I ended up presenting a longer one! 40 min talk + 20 min of Q&A.

I wrote an essay that accompanies the presentation. I’m planning on sharing it on Generative Mistakes and extending it into a series of articles.

This was the first iteration of the talk. I’m planning on giving several more.